Product Information—For Immediate Release
Fairlane® Products has expanding its current roller offering with a new line of standard, stocked Urethane Covered Bearings.

While covered bearings (also commonly referred to as molded bearings) are not a new product – most users have to get these parts custom made - which means long lead times, up front tooling cost and high minimum quantities. Fairlane has created a line of standard sizes and now stock these products as an alternative to custom made rollers. These products are not designed for any one use or industry. Covered bearings are used anywhere there is product or part movement. They allow for transferring power or guiding without damaging the product or part and are used in the manufacturing process as well as on end products.

These covered bearings are available with outside diameters ranging from 1.00” to 3.00” with widths ranging from 5/16” up to 1-1/8”. These parts are available with both a single and double bearing option with bearing ID sizes ranging from 1/4” to 1.00”. While these are our standard stocked sizes, we are capable of making modifications to fit your application.

Fairlane offers most parts in three durometers - 35, 60 and 95. As a point of reference, 35 durometer is similar to pencil eraser, 60 durometer is similar to an auto tire and 95 durometer is similar to a hockey puck in hardness.

All covered bearing are available with or without mounting hardware. The stud mount style comes complete with a button head cap screw, lock nut and spacer. Custom mounting hardware options are available.

To see the entire line of of urethane covered rollers, click here.

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