Fairlane Products designs, manufactures and stocks a wide range of workholding and positioning components that includes thrust screws, Swivots®, rest pads, fixed grippers, adjustable grippers and more. Because these components function as easily replaceable wear surfaces, they are practical and economical alternatives for many jig, fixture and chuck jaw applications. These components extend the life of your fixturing and minimize downtime during setup and production.

Thrust Screws
Thrust screws allow for straight-line static load thrust, making them ideal for use with irregularly shaped or contoured parts. The free-floating ball design allows the thrust screw to continue to rotate while the ball remains stationary against the contact surface.

Swivots can swivel and adjust to position or secure parts in applications where contact surfaces are not parallel. Their interchangeable parts keep the operation economical and help reduce setup and changeover times.

Rest Pads
Rest pads add versatility and speed to fixture building and machine setups. They are ideal for positioning point areas that require frequent replacement due to severe wear and high volume use.

Adjustable Grippers
Replaceable serrated grippers penetrate the workpiece. Available in high-speed tool steel, carbide tipped and solid carbide in fixed and adjustable mounting and various tooth configurations.

Fixed Grippers
Fixed grippers are available in round, square, angled and edge configurations with a wide range of different serration patterns and materials.

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