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Thrust Screws - Headed Design - Flat Delrin Cone - Inch (TSH-DC)

Thrust Screws - Headed Design - Flat Delrin Cone - Inch (TSH-DC)


These thrust screw assemblies allow straight line static load thrust without transmitting torsional or radial force on to the contact area. The free floating ball design allows the thrust screw to continue to rotate while the ball remains stationary against the contact surface. Ideal for irregular shaped or contoured applications. The housing is made from alloy steel, heat treated to Rc 43/46 with a black oxide finish. The replaceable ball is held in place with a viton O-ring which keeps contaminants out and allows the ball to swivel. The flat ball is made from non-marring white delrin and ground flat. Replacement balls and O-rings can be ordered separately.


Headed Thrust Screw - Flat Cone Delrin - 1/4-20 X 3/4 in