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Gripper Pads - Strips - Aluminum Plate

Gripper Pads - Strips - Aluminum Plate


Gripper pads from Fairlane Products® are ideal for industrial grade contact wear points in automation and positioning applications. Black nitrile rubber (60A durometer) is molded to a malleable aluminum backing that can be formed to round or sharp corners. The aluminum backing is 1/16" thick. Select the smooth surface for the greatest contact area to evenly distribute the gripping forces. Select the fine hatch or hatch surface to increase surface pressure and apply the force over a reduced contact area. Adhesive backing available for mounting and is provided separately, not affixed. Highly customizable and easily replaceable for a wide variety of uses. Standard sizes available off-the-shelf for designers and end users to make final size and mounting preparation, or custom sizes made to order.


Aluminum Back - Fine Hatch - 6 X 1-1/4 W/ 1/4 In Pad